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#1 - The timing. Maya entered Emily’s life the same time -A did. Maya has been around since the pilot, where Emily got her first -A text. And who was the text about? MAYA. But it wasn’t even a text… was a note. A bit odd for -A, no? A handwritten note about Maya in Emily’s locker. Who goes to Emily’s school? Maya. 


#2 - The photos. Emily and Maya had that memorible make-out session in the photo booth. When they got out, the photos were conveniently missing. These photos later end up in the hands on Hanna, and Emily’s mom. Who wanted Emily to start being honest with herself, and to stop hiding? Maya. What a better way to do it than secretly slipping photos to everyone close to her. ALSO, -A printed out like a million copies. Why? (;


#3 - Maya had Alison’s stuff. In the pilot, we see a giant pile of Alison’s stuff on the curb. Maya said there was even more inside. Then in “Eye of the Beholder” Jason says that Maya dropped off MORE of Alison’s stuff; Maya was missing at the time, and Emily was surprised when Jason said it was from Maya. Mona somehow has her hands on a lot of Ali’s stuff (her diaries for example). Ever wonder how she got it? (;


#4 - True North. Maya was gone a LONG time at True North….but what happened while she was there? She ignores Emily most of the time there, and when Emily finally reaches her she says Maya sounds “distant”. Like she’s moved on. Hm that’s weird considering she was in love with her when she left, and she was in love with her when she came back. And Emily dated/liked Paige AND Samara during that time, making Maya jealous? Could Maya have been doing dirty -A team work during that time? It’s a perfect alibi, no? (; And many people found the lighter in the finale suspicious of referencing True North….


#5 - Maya Knew. Mona gave this infamous code to Hanna and Aria. “Miss Aria You’re A Killer Not Ezra’s Wife”, spelling “MAYA KNEW”. What did Maya know? Some people are saying she “knew about Nate coming to Rosewood”. What?? Mona gave them everything they needed to figure that out with the website! So what did Maya know? Perhaps about the inner workings of the -A team?


#6 - Maya’s bedroom. In the pilot, Spencer sees a blonde in Alison’s bedroom. Of course we are supposed to believe it is Alison, but Maya had already moved in at that point. What if this was the first sighting on the infamous blonde wig?



#7 - Maya’s suspicious friendships. We know Maya had a “texting relationship” with Noel. Garrett picked her up the night she died, but didn’t kill her. She was seen suspiciously talking to Jason, but we never found out about what. And she apparently hung out with Holden as well. None of these relationships were ever really explained.


#8 - Maya’s secrets. Going off the last theory….how come we never knew Maya was going to the Kahn parties? She was dating Emily at the time. And what is she hiding with Jason? And how did she end up crashing at Noels? Why so many secrets Maya?


#9 - The videos on the website. Ok so Nate was obviously a crazy stalker. But why wouldn’t Maya go to the police? Maya only said that she was afraid of someone on the videos on her site, not that it was Nate. Could she have been afraid of the -A team?


What if Maya was on the -A Team all along. Recruited to get close to Emily (much like Toby and Spencer). But when she fell in love with Emily, she wanted to leave the -A Team. That’s when she tried to run away to San Francisco, and the -A team killed her before she could leave.

En fanvideo med Haleb.

Vilka tror ni är med i A team? och vem tror ni är A?



BREAKING NEWS: Tyler Blackburn is headed to the PLL spin-off series Ravenswood which premieres this October on ABC Family.

And don’t miss Tyler in ALL NEW episodes of PLL this summer starting Tuesday, June 11  at 8/7c!

Slutet för Haleb(Hanna och Caleb)?. 

Jag hoppas verkligen inte detta är slutet för dem, ett av mina favo par.

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Namn: Ashley Victoria Benson

Född: 18 December 1989

USA Anaheim Hills, Kalifornien, USA

Roll: Hanna Marin

Övrigt: Ashley är bra kompis med sångerskan Selena Gomez



Namn: Karen Lucille Hale, senare ändrat till Lucy Katie Hale

Född: 14 Juni 1989

USA MemphisTennessee

Roll: Aria Montgomery

Övrigt: Lucy har medverkat i b.l.a Scream 4 och Wizards Of Waverly place


Namn: Shannon Ashley "Shay" Mitchell

Född: 10 April 1987

Kanada TorontoOntarioKanada

Roll: Emily Fields

Övrigt: Shannon sökte rollen som Spencer Hastings

  Namn: Troian Avery Bellisario

Född: 28 oktober 1985 

USA Los Angeles County, Kalifornien

Roll: Spencer Hastings

Övrigt: Troian är vegetarian

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